Bicycle Blender bicycle blender makes fruit smooothie with fresh fruit and frozen pineapple

Pedal power bicycle generator blenders provide a great way to promote alternative energy at all sorts of locations and events.  For example, many people have these bicycle blenders at holiday parties and have people hop on to blend their own mixed drink.    This bicycle generator driven blender is being used on the streets of Jackson Hole Wyoming making fruit smoothies for happy customers who pay $5.00 each.    Kids and classrooms around the country now have access to bike generators like this one to learn about Volts, Amps, & Watts.  Not only can this be used as a bicycle blender, but you can also store your energy produced by hooking it up to battery powerpack through a fuse and blocking diode.  See

The 2 minute video below shows how the 12 Volt pedal power bicycle generator driven blender can easily blend an assortment of fresh fruit and frozen pineapple.  This is a 12 Volt blender commonly used in RVs and can be purchased at RV stores or at .    The 12 Volt blender is no a high power blender.   The human body can only put out about 100 Watts of power consistently.    The typical blender that sits on your kitchen counter can take close to 300 Watts.     So blending a load of frozen food or ice may take a little longer than conventional blenders, but most alternative energy users are fine with that. 





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